New York State Department of Public Service
Electronic Tariff System

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This page displays all document data that was a part of this particular submission. Most submissions will only include a few of these types. They may include any of the following: cover letter, attachments if any, tariff leaves, supplements, statements, addenda.

Links to PDF Files

  • Cover letter, attachments, and SAPA Are at the top of the page. Each document has its own link.

  • Tariff leaves, pending and/or effective: All these links are located near the top of the page, immediately preceding the list of leaf data. Each "leaf" (page) is part of a composite PDF file (rather than one file per leaf). Each file contains either pending status, or effective status. Large tariffs may be divided into two or more PDF files.

  • Cancelled tariff leaves: Unlike pending and effective, each cancelled leaf has its own PDF file. The link is on the same line as the data - it's the word "Cancelled."

  • Supplements, Statements, Addenda: Each document type is arranged within its own block. Within that, each document is displayed on a separate line, with it's own PDF link.

  • Summary of all tariffs for this company: For convenience, at the bottom of the page there are links to all tariffs for this company, for this service type (excluding cancelled status).