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Tariff Glossary - Tariff related terms Defined

What is a tariff?
Utilities set out the rates, terms and conditions of service in Commission-reviewed filings referred to as tariffs. The Public Service Commission (PSC) keeps utility tariffs for Electric, Gas, Water, and Telecommunication companies doing business in New York State.

What tariffs can I find on this web site?
This site contains tariffs that have been filed electronically. These documents are in PDF format, and you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, or equivalent product.
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Not all utilities currently file tariffs in electronic form. Tariffs not found on this site may be obtained directly from the New York State Department of Public Service. To obtain the official hard copy tariffs, please contact the Office of the Secretary, New York State Public Service Commission, 3 Empire State Plaza, Albany, New York 12223-1350, or go to our document order form at

 Listed below are links to some tariffs that are maintained by utilities on their individual websites. These tariffs are not part of the Commission's electronic tariff system and, therefore, are not the official tariffs of the Commission.

How up to date are they?
This site reflects the most currently effective tariff schedules, tariff filings which are currently pending before the Commission, and tariff documents that have been superseded.

What if I have tariff questions?
Assistance regarding tariffs may be obtained by contacting the PSC Staff Contacts listed below:
Communications Electric, Gas, and Water
Paul Chromik
(518) 486-2803

New Telecom Submitter Information Page
James Carr
  Melissa Carroll
518- 486-2698
  Deborah Swatling
(518) 486-2633

How do I contact the NYS Department of Public Service?
New York State Department of Public Service
3 Empire State Plaza
Albany, New York 12223-1350

Questions/Comments regarding this web site?

How to I get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader?
Tariff files are stored in a Portable Document Format (PDF) using Adobe Acrobat.  You will need the free Acrobat Reader in order to read these files.
Acrobat Reader may be downloaded free by clicking from the Download Acrobat Reader on Adobe's web site.

Where can I get more help about using the system?
For more help, click on the link above.

Tariff Glossary - Tariff related terms Defined

Tariff Preparers Only:
Utility Tariff Preparers Guide  Utility Tariff Preparers Guide